I Hope You Bought It

Who ever thought that I would make it
This far but those who hated
They saw potential in a boy and they delayed him
Went from wannabe
To little nigga
To celebrated.
Reality kept saying you're fucked, ambition saved him.
Now I'm their favorite,
I could have stuck to school but how was it my life i played by your rules?
Euphonik told me that rap don't make money wanna prove him wrong
Wonder what that's gonna take from me.
Mom and dad were both teachers
Imagine tryna sit them down on some uhm
Ke jinda sgela.
Leaving the system of safe cause imma rap
It broke their hearts and I felt kinda whack.
But I got history to make though,
In a booth like a pay phone,
Ever since sixteen I've never spent a day home.
I'm on the grind for gold-earth,
The broke have no worth,
Welcome to the city of Joburg.
I'm in a city where things is mad different.
When you show love, they say you ass kissin',
Or dick ridin' they hit on us coz we ill,
Its just a blueprint there's no love in the city.
Ntwana muff-town kyo kai mamela,
Pha'misa kasi let it grow climb the ladder,
I just wanted to spit dope rhymes
My man I
Never thought that i'd get a co-sign from Jabba.
And ever since I did a song with Jay,
Shit changed, it was swell it wasn't hard all along its great.
And the money is a small issue,
We big shots who gives a fuck about a small pistol?
Scoop told me i should take down names,
Ya'll should thank him..
I was about to take down lames,
Break down games,
Pull a trigger whose on blast?
My advice come from niggas who don't rap,
They believe in the man,
Which is part of the reason that I believe that i can,
Compilers making me struggle they ain't feeling the man,...
Wish the media would treat me like Kiernon and em.
I hope you feeling this passion these dreamers whom capitalist, flow is irrationally its known to be hazardous kiss, bronchilis spasmous bliss, rose from weak lazarous bits, overly fashion and sling no-one can fathom the king.
I'll make you cheeky show love,
Still regret the day me and TP broke up.
We were suppose to be leaders
Ntwana tsa lefika
There was a need for it
Re ne re ba feeda
But anyway this what the green fingers do
I'm glad that me and green fingers cool
Cause man whats Nyovest without music
Whats Nyovest without music
Perseverance and hard work
Thats all it took nigga
RIP Brown Dash that was one good nigga
You saw talent in me
Lala kahle pantsula
Middle finger to bohle be na mo papula
People like acting a mule
To the bullshit or the world till it happens to you
The biggest killer in the country aint HIV
Man its twitter
Now give me the hate I need
Its the same kid
Who never used to be your favourite
And now you on my dick
Trying to prove that I'm the greatest
I entertain the niggas who work behind me like gay sex
But I dont give a real fuck
My attitude on latex
Everyday is the same shit, same script, different cast
Dont care what you say if I didn't ask
They used to say quit, didn't budge
Now I got the same prints
Live and love
He la titina
They say my kind don't fit and so I forced it
First class, sick in a bag
I hope you bought it
They say my kind don't fit and so I forced it
First class, sick in a bag
I hope you bought it

They say my kind don't fit and so I forced it
Cause I believe
If I don't quit I'll get a portion
And like these other lames they wont count for these days
And if you
Change to be loved
Then you loved to be changed
Its hard to be brave
I understand
But think about it
You can never lose your mind if you are honest
You aint shit without your decency
So bitches never get shit from me
I buy his & his
No homo though
The boys fit like I overdosed
Cause I be bringing gifts to the hood
I'm like a door to door
I really hope you reigned forever
Its amazing how we came together
Everybody is curious
They probably wanna know
How does he live
I got these yellow bones politicking
But fuck that
Proud to announce that I just bought my mama a crib
Now wena ntchaela quality keng