Ashes 2 Ashes (428 to SA freestyle)

I'm in a good mood man, get me!

[Verse 1]
Man I just landed in Europe and I ain't even packed a toothbrush
And people back home still arguing about who's hot
Last night I had the pedal to the floor in a Bentley
I used to dream about having a Mini Cooper
Now things is different, I'm tryna move on to better things
Putting haters next to the middle finger like a wedding ring
Haters multiply but it's fine cause I'm used to that
Everybody got advice you would swear that they used to rap
That's why I only listen to the money
Paper got no emotions plus e qhaza basadi
I never ball in the hood, them niggas don't understand
I don't wanna provoke envy, I know they want what I have
And I be chillin', I don't like violence but though I got goons
Throw a 100 K to Stash Moola like, "I got you"
I'm shitting on the game boy, you know how my squad do,
I just bought a Rollie on my way to the bathroom
Get it? I said that I was shitting on the game
Nigga, I just want the money I don't care about the fame
And I just received the best news in ten years
Oh boy, we about to be rich but who the hell cares?
Cause I, I left the hood and it's big rats with mad cheese
But ever since I had hits, niggas had beef
You see, I only call my thugs if it's that deep
Cause on my own, I can move a nigga like a chess piece
Loyalty's everything, fuck with my nigga Carpo
I'mma put seven in your back like Ronaldo (Whoo!)
They saying "Cass serve this nigga and his wack track",
Nah, I'm on tour I'll deal with it when I get back
I just wasted two minutes on Tim Westwood
I had to do it 'cause they thinking that Nyovest shook
Bars is easy boy, I'm working on the best hooks
I make the car dash, she in - I'm Kanye West good
I always win although I play fair
Just checked in at the Mayfair, hiding behind my Ray-Bans
They grouping against me because they scared
They accepted I'm number one, they just scared that I'll stay here
Yeah, the music spreading like cancer
I'm way beyond the little arguments and short tempers
I'm way beyond all this beef shit and who sells more
Nigga I just copped my forth Rolex, I need 10 more
Kagiso Dikgasho just bought a Bentley
Africa's taking on the world boy, do you get me?
I used to tell Jabba that it's possible
I already seen the kingdom and it's castle too
I'm alone here but I don't really give a fuck though
Cause none of you niggas gave me the passcode
Plaques mounting on the wall, none of you niggas got those
Paper solitaire on these bitches like Carpo
That's why I never go near ya'll cats
I mean, I had to wait a year just to hear y'all rap
I'll go ahead and leave this here so you motherfuckers hate on it
This ain't the reply but it's coming, you should wait on it