Now or Never

Cashtime Fam released their debut album “Now Or Never” November of last year, which was supported by the smash single “Goodbye”. The group comprises of of two Groups, namely; CashTime which consist of Kid X, AB Crazy and Smashis, who are joined by KO, MA-E and Ntukza from Teargas.
This makes for an interesting fusion between youth and experience, but how do they balance such a large group on a debut album?
The Album kicks off on a high note with the high tempo opening title track “Now Or Never”, which sees K.O, Kid X, Ma-E and Ntukza spitting over a mesmerizing AB Crazy production. K.O’s verse leaves much to be desired but Kid X steps it up, showcasing impressive rhyming skills as he outshines the more experienced K.O, Ma-E and Ntukza.
The next track, “CashTime Anthem” picks up where “Now Or Never” left off with Kid X, Ntukza, Smashis, Ma-E and K.O all spitting bravado filled bars over the beat with trumpets sounding in the background. Immediately after this things lighten up a bit with the lead single “Goodbye”, that sees CashTime performing on their own for the first time. This is one of the standout tracks on the album, AB Crazy killed the beat and came back to murk the hook as well for good measure. Tough to decide who has the best verse on this one as the three young stars rap about past relationships.
The rest of the album sees them touching on various topics like relationships on “No Good”, Swag on the busy sounding “Shut It Down” (Stundee), Success on “Everywhere I Go” and Money/Haters/Competition on “Running late”. These are some of the less impressive tracks on the album though.
“Get Down” breaks up the feeling of monotony as AB Crazy gets on production again. The beat sounds similar to the Goodbye one, and with CashTime handling the track on their own. This track will get you nodding your head again and is sure to get a lot of airplay at parties. The album closes strong with the excellent “The Other Side” which features Sphum, ” and Till The End”, before Teargas takes over with the bonus track titled “M.I.A.”
CashTime Fam has to be commended for an excellently produced album. While some of the beats sound similar to others, the production on this album is of a very high standard, with AB Crazy producing 4 of the 12 tracks. CashTime has definitely benefited from working with Teargas on this project.
There is variety in terms of subject matter and the lyrics are mostly good, except for a few cringeworthy verses where the infamous hashtag/pause flow makes an appearance (yes I’m looking at you K.O, Ntukza) but overall it’s a strong debut album for CashTime Fam.


# Title Length
3 Goodbye 3:48
5 Stundee 4:22
9 Number 1 4:13