Dreaming Freestyle

(Uncleared Sample)
It's what you make it
say, hmm!
(Uncleared Sample)
My dreams, my dreams
fire growing inside of me
(Uncleared Sample)
hm! Let's go, ugh!

[Verse : One]
It all started with
the things that my mama said
essentially, along the words
that I'm going mad.
Perhaps I had another dream
that left her unimpressed.
But then It's what I gotta do
to make it manifest,
My homie told me
"Dawg, you should
get the money first"
and I was like,
"Damn! Right
I'll get the money first"
and then I started going
back to checking
on the basics,
'cause if I have a dream
I'm the one who's
gotta chase it.
Yeah! If I had a chance,
I wouldn't waste it.
I have my homies out there
hoping I would ace it,
They all looking up on me
and hoping I would make it.
To all the haters
I'm the best,
and y'all gotta face it.
Ugh! I won't have to make
another vow,
Man! I won't have to fight
my mama now
Ugh! I just had to make her
but my father never did
until now

(Uncleared Sample)
What you make it
(Uncleared Sample)
We talking dreams
these dreams of mine
(uncleared sample)
yeah! Ugh!

[Verse: Two]
One day it will all be redefined
How we struggled
and we lost in the state of mind.
Me and my brother had
it all with the human kind,
Just a thought of the love
that we'd never find.
And It's just a different
sound of homophones,
Like a glimpse in a different
side of xylophones.
It was me always dreaming
of the microphones
and these verses in my head
that I can't condone.
And my life,
A parable of young Leone,
with dreams that he'd make it
out to Silicon,
Inside it was a different type
of firestone and chromosomes
that would make him
love the yellow bones.
I know it's been a different type
of fire stone,
Man! I mean it,
and my brother tried to keep
me sane,
the more he did,
the more it all induced pain.
With him, it won't ever
be the same. Pow!

(Uncleared Sample)
It's what you make it
(Uncleared sample)
that's what they say about us
(Uncleared sample)
we talking dreams, dreams.
(Uncleared sample)

[Verse : Three]
Man! I know it's been tears
and pain,
I wrote a note to my brother
Telling him that it would
all be okay,
'cause I don't want him shedding
tears again.
And I promised we'd be good
and happy that we made it
through the struggle
and we rock now.
As the enemy fire's been
locked down,
and all the haters been
finally knocked down.
But they say if you love 'em
then you would've stayed,
Stayed there and let 'em
be the ones you'd never trade,
trade for nothing in the world
and a cascade.
Better yet I've been growing
more and more afraid
of the tragedy we came across
in parade
As a result it created on this
We was broken and we were
each other's band-aid
And in my life I went ahead
and gave an accolade, peace!

(Uncleared Sample)