Bouwer Bosch

Bouwer is best known as the lead singer for Afrikaans rock band “Straatligkinders” that formed during the band’s varsity days at Potch University. “Straatligkinders” has since emerged as one of the most popular Afrikaans bands of the past 10 years, with a message of love and hope entwined in their lyrics. Although they never identified themselves as a Christian band Bouwer’s Christian influence was always prominent in the lyrics of their songs.

Bouwer has since launched a solo career and he’s involved in another side project titled “Dans Dans Lisa” with friend Deon Meiring. He started a clothing label that uses the phrase he made popular; “Liefde Wen” (Love Wins), and has also started Bouwer Bosch films where he has been responsible for numerous music videos for South African Bands.

When you access Bouwer’s website you can read the following description he wrote of himself: “I sing what I cannot say. I’m not a comedian, but sometimes I find myself funny. Sometimes I’m more lost than the people that follow me. I know about hurting people, I know about being hurt and being disappointed. I’ve got more questions than answers. I never have money but I have good friends. I sing (off key sometimes) from the heart because my throat hurts from screaming. Sometimes I feel lost, waiting to be found.

One cannot argue with the content of Bouwer’s spoken word video “Kleurblind”; it encompasses the most basic and most important of Gospel truths: love your neighbour. Bouwer has emerged from the most unlikely place to be a voice for the voiceless South Africans that are sick of the hate we spew at each other. “Kleurblind” has unintentionally become an anthem of a generation looking to love and not hate.