Bok van Blerk

Bok van Blerk (Louis Andreas Pepler) born on March 30th 1978 grew up in Pretoria, South Africa.
After finishing school at Die Wilgers, Bok van Blerk went to the Netherlands to play rugby for 9 months. He then studies construction and practised it for 7 years before starting his singing career.
In 2005 he was approached by Sean Else and Johan Voster to become their production company’s first client (Mozi Records). In March 2006 he launched his first album “ Jy praat nog steeds my taal”. In October that year, the album got released again but under the title “De la Rey”. Since then this song has become hugely popular in the Afrikaner nation. The album became one of the top sellers in 2007. Up to know the album sold more than 200 000 copies, making it one of the most successful Afrikaans albums of all time. He won three Tempo awards, five Vonk awards and his video “De la Rey” won the MK music video of the year (2007)
In 2007 Bok van Blerk helped produce the “Ons vir Jou” rugby music album, which sold over 90 000 copies.
After the success of “De la Rey”, Bok van Blerk waited a quite a while before releasing his second album called “Afrikanerhart” which already achieved double platinum status. Since the start of his singing career in 2006, Bok has grown tremendously as an artist. That’s one of the reason he waited so long to release his second album, he wanted to wait for the right time to release it.
Bok van Blerk as person loves nature, hunting, deep-sea fishing and music of course.
He has made a huge impact on Afrikaner music in South Africa, not only did he provide us with brilliant music, Bok van Blerk helped bring the Afrikaner nation together again, he reminded us of our history and the “trots” we should have in being a Afrikaner that fought for our country.