Bobby van Jaarsveld

Bobby van Jaarsveld joined the music industry at the beginning of his Grade 12 year when his first solo cd was released by Bler Music in South Africa.

Bobby’s talent did not go unseen and in 2006 he received 3 nominations for Best New Comer. The first was at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (a local arts festival in Oudtshoorn for short KKNK), the second was through a local music magazine, Vonk and the third was through Huisgenoot Tempo Magazine. Huisgenoot/YOU is one of South Africa’s leading weekly magazines. Bobby won the category Best New Comer at one of South Africa's biggest extravaganzas, Skouspel, that is yearly hosted by Huisgenoot at Sun City in the Superbowl. As winner of this category it was a great privilege to him to be selected as one of the chosen few artists who performs at the Skouspel Extravaganza at Sun City yearly. Since 2007 – 2011 Bobby became a household name at this extravaganza.

In November 2006 Theuns Jordaan Productions (South Africa) offered Bobby a recording contract. Bobby’s first cd DUISEND URE (Thousand Hours – if translated) was repacked and redistributed with a whole new look and sound. Three of the songs on the cd was written by Bobby himself. CD sales reached Gold Status in March 2008.

In May 2008 Bobby started to perform with his own band. His unique and energetic performances attracts people from all age groups to his shows. Bobby uses different genres of music during his shows which makes his performances interesting and people will return time and again to see what he has up his sleeve this time.

In October 2009 Bobby’s 2nd album hit the market – NET VIR JOU (Only for You – if translated). This cd has 13 tracks – all written by Bobby himself – music and lyrics. The production and distribution of the cd was done by Coleske Artists (South Africa). It is nice sing-a-long songs, but the lyrics are food for thought. CD sales hit Platinum Status within 8 weeks. CD sales hit Double Platinum Status with sales of 83 500 units.

On the album are two songs, SPIEELTJIE SPIEELTJIE (Mirror Mirror – if translated) and the title track of the album NET VIR JOU, which was also recorded as videos. They are both available on You Tube. On a local music video website with the biggest selection of Afrikaans videos, Spieeltjie broke 3 records in the first week on the site.

Bobby has a modest and very lovable personality and with his shy smile has crept deep into the hearts of his fans. In January 2010 Bobby was awarded as the VIEWERS FAVOURITE ARTIST for 2009 on DKNT (a local music program on the pay channel DSTV in South Africa).