Am just mad niggas am just mad
Am just mad niggas am just mad
Making a diffrence niggas am just mad
Am not insane am just fucking mad

Wait, Hold up
We never stuck in the hold up
Saw that bitch I had to roll up
Pray that ma digits gon roll up

Yea ooh
I had to jump in a pool
Just to look a little cool
We make the rules
Circle back and break the rules
Niggas thinking they can truce

Am on the way
I can not afford to wait
Making diffrence in a way
Am here to stay
Some niggas are to play
Will be first class in a plane
Ain't no complain
I'll be dripping in the rain
Always come first in the game
Am not insane
Mad and crazy is not the same
Always aiming for ma fame yea

Don't do alcohol nigga just be mad
Don't do no smoking nigga just be mad
Don't do lot of bitches nigga just be mad
Help out thoes who need nigga just be mad

I got a lot of things I wanna do in ma time
Taking a stand now shit I think its high time

I used to tell ma mama am gon be a mad son
She gave me her support and she told me to man up
They looking up to me I can't afford to fuck up
I take ma pride and ego put it down its locked up

Ooo am not gullible
Ooo am not horrible
She gon ride a bull
That's theoretical

She ain't gon last a bit
I got nasterpiese
Ma rap sting like bees
Got no time to please

Ill be making diffrence
For ma money I'll be vicious
Got no time for competitions
Lot of fucked up politicians
put the money in the bag
Lot of bitches wanna bang
Got no time for playing tag
Getting famous we don't brag