What Happened To Afro-Pop?

There was a time in South Africa, where all you'd hear was a slowed down soothing Afro soulful song bumping through speakers of various taxis, radio stations and events. That time was when musicians like Mafikizolo, Malaika, Ntando with mega award winning hits like Dali Wam,

Robbie Malinga



Robbie Malinga all seemed to be coming together to form an incredible movement which seems to have, for lack of a better phrase, gone with the wind.

It was a movement which promised to represent love in an african way, to change how lovers expressed themselves at weddings and such romantic events forever. And then, silence. Well until recently, I noticed the resurgunce of afro-Pop in mainstream media. Acts like Berita, Sjava (if you can even box him like that), Amanda Black, MoneoaMusa, Swazi born artist, Sands with his mega hit, Tigi and of course Nathi! They're really making a mark! Taking it all the way. Robbie malinga and Kelly Khumal still representing this amazing genre. Zahara is also a great addition to the new crop of afro-pop.

Glad to see also artsist like Zonke still going strong. Lira has transcended into an international superstar and that's what we'd like to see more of.