Face Tattoo?

We've seen it from a gang load of American Artists, The Game, Birdman, Lil' Wayne and a host of many other artsits. Artists tattoo all kinds of things on their faces, butterflies, teardrops reflecting the number of kills or murders committed as part of a gang and who can forget the legendary ice cream tattoo by Gucci Mane, huh? brrrr

So it seems now this trend has caught up to South African rappers, most SA rappers don't even mess with tattooes like American rappers but Emtee, the Matatiela born award winning Emcee has decided to put a whole entire cross across his face. Could he not have started with grills instead? At least those you can take off.

After putting out a video of himself getting a face tattoo, Emtee received a backlash from social media and Emtee being himself he didn’t hold back at hitting back at his critics. He is notorious for spweing clapbacks at his followers on twitter so no surprises here.

The rapper spoke to a local publication about his decision to have the tattoo on his face saying he expected the backlash.

“To be honest, I expected people to hate it and for there to be backlash. But it’s my face, I can do what I like with it. It’s my money and I can spend it on whatever I want,”he said.

On why he decided to go with the cross, Emtee says, “I decided on the spot and when they asked me what I wanted I knew that it had to be a cross because of my faith. I carry my belief with me on a daily basis and so why not have it on my face?”