Direct Song Uploads now a reality!

A whole lot of requests and links 

So we thought, "Why not!"

So... you've been sending us a lot of emails about uploading your songs directly on Bimba, and guess what? We've heard your requests. Our offering has now been extended to include direct song uploading to Bimba.  A feature that's been long requested by you, the fans and artists who use this platform.  Now, instead of hosting your song on a different platform from Bimba, you can have your songs and lyrics in one reliable, market relevant and accessible platform. So no more 2 links for downloads and lyrics like below.


Download and Lyrics link example

Initially, we only had support to songs uploaded on soundcloud and youtube/vimeo as a player for users to listen to uploaded songs, now, we've designed an audio player, one which is fast, highly effective and which shows song info, album cover and allows people to rate your song. Which shows up when people view your lyrics. This player works very well on majority of mobile and web browsers. Try it for yourself here.

Bimba Player

Not only does the player appear on your lyrics page but it also appears on your album tracklist! So, the more you upload, the better idea you can have of how people receive and play/download your music. You have access to a market that loves and is actively seeking to hear South African music, right here on Bimba. So, go ahead, create profile and upload those songs and lyrics!!!

Bimba Player on album

Now this doesn't act as a playlist so if you have more than one song uploaded on the same album it will not automatically skip to next available song when the current song is finished and every song is independent of the other so pressing play on two song will play them simultaneously.


You will now see 4 2 new fields when submit your lyrics

Bimba Player form

  • Audio: This is where you upload your song, only mp3's are supported and files limited to 12MB
  • Buy Link: Paste a link where people can download your song a shopping cart icon will appear in the player (Will be added at future date)
  • Make song downloadable: Check the box if you want people to be able to download your song, a download icon will appear on the player (Will be added at future date)
  • Song Cover: This should only be used if you want the player to show a different cover on the image than the album it currently resides in, advise to use only if the song/lyrics are in your singles album


The Rules (Conditions): 

  • Only signed up/registered artists will be able to upload songs. So if you are not signed up/registered you can sign up here.
  • Uploading of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited
  • Uploading songs without lyrics isn't allowed, we will delete it without notice, we are a lyrics website after all.
  • If a user continuously uploads songs without lyrics or copyrighted material they will be subject to a suspension or ban without notice.
  • Have fun smiley




Other Changes

We have moved all players, video, soundcloud and audio into one centralised media player which means no more showing the video, soundcloud and audio on the same page one after the other. This is good as it also saves data and time in terms of loading.

The players now have a ranking:

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Soundcloud

What does it all mean?

It means if you're one of those individuals who likes filling each and every field not all media fields/players will appear at once, the player will check firstly check whether you uploaded a video and if it isn't available it will look for audio and if that isn't available it will look for soundcloud. If all are available only video will be shown. If audio and soundcloud are available only audio will be shown. 


Bugs and Experience

Currently the player on the lyrics page has a small bug on Samsung phones using the Samsung Browser, it works but the progress bar and timer don't move/change so if that gets frustrating for you try using Chrome browser, for some other reason that seems to work. We have no idea why? angry

If you are using Opera Mini, switch your data savings from Automatic/Extreme to High in order to have the best experience.


If you encounter any problems or have any questions please leave a comment below and we will get to it as soon as we can.