Collaboration of the Year


We love collaborations. There is something powerful about a meeting of the minds, a collision of ideas like whenever Popeye and Spinach collaborate, it becomes like magic.

We recently had a great collaborative album release from AKA and Anatii, the lyrics of which can be found here: BCWYWF but we'd also like to tell you about our own collaboration that we are highly excited about, which is a collaboration between Bimba Lyrics and Mzansi Music Book.


Mzansi Music Book has been serving South African Lyrics on Facebook for years now and we've come to the conclusion that, technically, we are on the same whatsapp group so we might as well collaborate. And we did! Combining powers to bring the best experience.

In our aim to reach and larger and more interactive social media audience, we've taken this step to bring together like minded ideas and fans of SA music onto one platform. The merging of two ideas, a collaboration.

This will means, taking the best part of what Bimba has and offering to the fans who've like the Mzansi Music Book page and vice versa. With this collaboration, our page(s) will be more interactive, responsive and productive.

We hope you enjoy our collaboration.