Freedom or Fame Reloaded

[Verse 1: Blaklez]
Thank you mama
Skeem sam, mpinch yam', fede dintsang
They cant stop our shine, cause renani nkani
Samora Machel with a little Chris Hani
Kasi to kasi
Ghetto children sit by me
Dont get it twisted
I got skills
I'm dumb nice
So dumb nice, I bring a rhyme to a gun fight
Get it
Like 2 guns, keo chaela 9-9
I do it for the people
So ke sharp ka limelight
I used to stress about the things that they all say, but I
Learn to deal with lip like Beyonce
Never scared
I'm bold like Abashanti
Never seen success
But now we on a blind date
It's strange all the things that they calling me
But I rise above and box out when the devil try to corner me
I, I honestly never been a wanna be
But I wanna be, everything that my daughter needs
Getting love from Pitori to Matatiele
I belong in a Colosseum with gladiators
Move magazine, dont think ke lebetse
Write real news, le tlugele gu exposa di skeleton
People in the industry, ba tletsi kabo ferefere
Me, wanna make music involva pelo pele
Lesego, I'm necessary evil
But I'm humble
Break my name up, Les ego
I'll repeat it
Listen, I'm the rap Steve Biko
And I mean it
Keep the fame I'm here for the freedom

If wang feela
Keep the fame cause
We want freedom
Keep the fame cause
We want freedom
All my people say
Pada peda (x3)

[Verse 2: Reason]
Keep it
I really wanna be free though
I put my reality on screen
Now it seems I like should've asked Les about this bullshit
I just wanted to be free, to be me
But now it seems I got less for this bullshit
I might've just got famous
But the changes that it came with got way too much bullshit
What's strange is they say that it raises your greatness
But fuck how great is this bullshit
Just a whole bunch of bullshits
Some of yall new kids would think that I'd be cool with
Like all this cute chicks
Who wanna get this huge dick
With 2 kids and a wife who wants a brand new crib
I mean the truth is
Everything is useless
If you just move with what everybody is cool with
I need freedom for the music
So I could know which tunes to drop 10k
When they ask for my 2 cents
Peep this
Next time I'm in a club I just wanna go buck and be a nuisance
Cause I'm tired of always checking what I'm doing
Where, who with like I sell drugs and not music
I'm just dope dont confuse it
I get paid for what I make
Not what I'm doing
And someone please tell Pabi that
My dude Les just wants the freedom to marry her and make a few kids


[Verse 3: Pro]
Ilula lento mabhe ngeko ready siya ba shiya
Shova ngo guluva bhempela abo Capa Diya
Ngi hlezi ngi shovela u mama
Haai abo mama mia
A star at heart
Nni gezeli ijersey ye buccaneer
Cho, from sundown to sun up
When the G's come out
Meli uchange iroute
And right about now
They's no need to wow
uShay' iPakistan nge bomb threat
I never run out
Shovi istraata ngi poster boy
Same way I'm suppose to boy
Ngaya ba roaster boy
If i dont break bread, ngiya toaster boy
Buza abo cop bazo ku chela ngu John ngisa fosta boy
eAbscence eba ngzathu ngise access
Ngu santa
Ngena nge chimbili
Feel the presence
Ntwan use ma burbs
And they all like yesis
Freedom is the Reason why I'm Pro and I'm Blaklez


First year of my daughters life
I was a no show
Now I'm playing games with her
Tsa mo reka Omo

Tsuga re phande
Aah yes