Black Xmas

Black Xmas (Prod. by Beatmochini)


Blaklez Singles


Aah yes

[Verse 1]
As far as rap goes
I'm the best in the country
You can call me king of the south kinda like Bun B
As fas as Cap City streets go,
son I run these
I rap so dope,
my fan base is junkies
Straight to the point so what you speak don't scare us
Big talk with no result, you Steve Khompela
We street smart, there's nothing the streets don't tell us
And we don't believe everything our heroes tell us
Pitori is my city
I sit in the hot seat
I don't write rhymes, I open my mouth and God speaks
Niggas are two-faced but it don't shock me
Couple'a bird-brain niggas tryna be cocky
I walk in and you girl saying "Introduce Us"
Her and her sister are begging for a group hug
Word to mother
We all in it when we do stuff
Every verse that I spit is reminiscent of Tupac

"I knew it was gonna be tough"
"But I said surely"
"We'd find a way to make it work"
"Obviously I was wrong"
"And disappointed"

[Verse 2]
They told me hold your tongue,
No what the fuck for
Speak your mind,
Show a little gumshin or gusto
Talk behind my back when you see me you chaf kop
Stand up
say it with your chest little fuckboy
I don't get mad
I pitty this nigga when I see him
I'm not gon knock a nigga dealing with his demons
Dudes are confused
Man they mixing their feelings
They say "Black Power"
Then they say "My car Is European"
Yeah we here to stay
'Cause rap needs us
They try test me
Save them Black Jesus
When it comes to skill you can't reach us
But their egos are bigger than Shaq Diesel
Why these dudes stressed out
Brother who knows
I'm at the crib
I'm Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes
Showing your girlfriend the emperor's new clothes
Guess you gotta live with the path that you chose

Aah yes
Merry Christmas everybody
It's a Black Xmas
Say it with me
"Aah Yes"