Freedom or Fame

Freedom or fame (Thank You Mama)

Yo today's been lovely
They say "How you doing?"
Kere sharp fede ntcha mme
Vuka maulele boss
Tsoga re phande
When times are hard, madala bofa lebante
Yeah I remember them
Ke bona ne bang tsega
When I was broke lare, "Pusha di cant get"
Is there a reason why these girls wanna undress
I'm getting money now
But I'm still hungry
Saturday night le ma gang smoking hubbly
Beautiful girls couple of bottles of bubbly
You follow footsteps
I pave my own way
I worked for it
So you'll never take it from me
I'm eating good
Don't judge me gake nonne
And tell God to tell my mother ke gonne
The say the road to the top is pretty lonely
But don't worry my relatives still call me, still call me

[Chorus x2]
If wang feela
Keep the fame cause
We want freedom
Keep the fame cause
We want freedom
All my people say
Pada peda (x3)

Bury my mother and granny
Two consecutive months
Poppa said
"Keep your head up and don't be negative son, focus on your career u lebale banyana"
When you six feet under bare no febe le mang
If you're a fan and you see me
Atumela etlang, cause
Without you, vele vele ke mang
Nobody, the world is mine there's no stopping me
I'm sharp and I'm ghetto I'm kinda like an okapi
Here to stay
Why should I move
Ha ke sa batle
So backup
Ask around
Ek is gevaarlik
Steve Biko with a mic
I said it before
Cooking up a storm
But the way I'm spitting is raw
Televise me, I'm a walking revolution
All these treadmill rappers, walking but never moving
If you show me love
Trust me re kaufela
If wa spita, then badi etlau wela


Yeah I know
The whole world know my skeletons
Sometimes I come across like I need medicine
But don't judge
I been to places you never been
Dream about what Pabi Moloi and I could have been
Anyway, that topic is a no go
It's my fault
Delivered a couple low blows
First year of my daughters life
I was a no show
Now I'm playing games with her
Tsa mo reka omo
Blood, sweat and tears this is hellfire brimstone
Past few years were sorta like my skin tone
Moving through the future now
Tell me what you in it for
I see the truth so my daughter is what I'm living for