Fortune Teller

Following the success of their debut album Talking to the Drums in 2011, Black Motion has raised its own standards with a brand new album titled Fortune Teller. Released earlier in October under renowned South African recording label Kalawi Jazmee, Fortune Teller is undoubtedly one of the best South African house albums for the year 2014.

Bongani ‘DJ Murdah’ Mahosane and Thabo ‘Smol’ Mabogwane, the house duo that constitutes Black Motion has never disappointed and they have definitely taken tribal house to another level with this album.

It’s a challenge to select some of the best tracks on the album as one gets hooked from the first song. The whole album is consistent with the use of African instruments, creating an enchanting tribal sound that is synonymous to their custom sound. Almost every track on the album is a dance song encapsulated with rhythmic African drum beats.

On ‘Thamokuru’ on which they feature iconic house music DJ Black Coffee, one can instantly hear Black Motion’s use of drums and Coffee’s jazzy swing to the song. The ensemble, added by Xelimpilo’s vocal African chants, is a fantastic song that will have you playing it over and over again. Our favourite songs on the album (as difficult as it was to choose) has to be ‘Thamokuro,’ ‘Fortune Teller,’ ‘Rainbow,’ ‘It’s You,’ ‘Tha Jazzy Swing’ and of course ‘Another Man’ ft Soulstar which has been gaining much traction for a while now. ‘Troopa’ featuring songbird Berita is another song to look out for.

‘Fortune Teller’ which was their first single from the album has been a major hit on the dance floor. Their live performance of this song coupled with their entertaining dance moves always gets fans going crazy. The song has also been doing exceptionally well on South African music charts.

The album has received great reviews from house music fans and peers in the industry alike. Tracks such as ‘It’s You’, ‘Another Man’, ‘Rainbow’ and of course ‘Fortune Teller’ have been the fan favourites so far.

What stands out about this album is Black Motion’s use of African instruments which of course has always made their sound very unique. Their execution of tribal and afro house is different to any other house music artists. We absolutely love how they transition from slow, captivating, tribal sounds (as with the tracks ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Tribute to Madala Kunene’) to using the same tribal sounds for dance tracks that will have you sweating on the dance floor.

There is nothing critical to mention about this album. Every song on it is well executed. If you are a genuine house music fan and you haven’t gotten yourself Fortune Teller yet, we don’t know what you are waiting for but expect to be blown away by the talent Black Motion possesses. This is one of those albums you just have to purchase because every song on it is worth your money.


# Title Length
7 Rainbow 5:04
11 It's You 5:33