[Verse 1: Zano]

Sometimes I catch myself day dreaming (Oh my oh my)
And sometimes I find myself travelling through space and time
Cause I'm a dreamer
Oh yeah I'm a hustle
I'm a believer
I know I will make it
Said I'm a champion
I'm not a quiter
I'm a warrior
Oh yeah I'm a fighter

[Chorus] x 4
Someday I'll rise and touch the sky
And float amongst the stars
I believe it, yes I believe it

[Verse 2]

My mama told me
She said boy look me in the eye
OH my my my
Don't let no man
No man tell you cannot make it
No, no no no, no, no, no, no, no
"Cause you're a dreamer
Yeah you're a hustler
And I believe it
Yes you can make it boy
You're a champion
You're not a quitter
You're a warrior
Yeah You're a fighter

[Bridge] x 32