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The genius producer, composer and DJ, Black Coffee, has unleashed another set of house music dragons. Since breaking into the music industry, Black Coffee has been one spinner who has managed to sustain his career in a very competitive market.

The waiting in suspense is now over because the much-awaited follow up release, entitled Home Brewed, is finally upon us. Pushing the envelope a little more, the brother has done wonders on this release. He picks up impressively from his previous release and still maintains that soulful sound.

After listening to this project, it is clear to me that the producer has decided on the world as his target. His production has matured so much, and one can safely say Black Coffee is one damn talented producer who can't be compared to anyone.

With his music, there is a unique signature that always stands out. What I find works well is how he structures his compositions. Listening closely, it is plain to hear that Black Coffee takes time to come up with really mind-blowing songs. On his songs, the brother does not rush the build-up process; bit by bit, he introduces all the instruments that are part of the overall song.

Impressively, Black Coffee keeps his music simple in such a manner that when it continues, one can easily pick up all the spices added. Another thing to take note of is the power of song arrangement. This DJ knows how to put all the instruments he is working with in order. Even thought his music is not overly populated with instruments, Black Coffee has a fascinating skill for making sure that the song does not lose momentum.

Just like in his previous releases, Black Coffee has teamed up again with another veteran artist Ringo Madlingozi in the opening song, ‘Mama'. On the song ‘Juju', the legend-in-the-making features Durban producer, Zakes Bantwini on vocals. This one knocked me down the very first moment I heard it. You gotta like the vocals that Zakes renders, nicely done boet! But as if that is not enough, rocking on, the brother injects another mesmerizing tune that will make you sweat all night long, called ‘Crazy', on which he features the vocal talents of Thiwe. When one thinks he is done, the Black Coffee hits hard with another thumping tune, ‘Superman'.

From the beginning of his mainstream musical journey, Black Coffee has shown himself to be one producer who offers super-fine soulful house tunes. Even though there is a lot of soul to his music, there are also catchy elements in his compositions that make them good to the ear. Let it be said again that Black Coffee is hectically talented, done deal!


# Title Length
2 Garden of Eden 7:11
3 Someday 6:38
4 Juju 4:20
7 Crazy 7:54
9 Superman 7:55

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