SKERM have never been more popular than it is today. The modern human easily spend more time on SKERM than on anything else and it has become the driving force of modern society. SKERM teaches us an insane amounts of things. From tying a knot to a bridge in Belgium, SKERM has some or vast amount of information on it. SKERM may determine your last thoughts before going to bed and will start dictating your day as soon as you wake up. SKERM here, SKERM there, SKERM everywhere. With connected-isolation SKERM have created a generation overload, baffled by oceans of data while adapting to the age of information. As luck would have it, Bittereinder have been exploring this very issue and will keep us informed while we try to figure out if SKERM will enslave or liberate us.

The new Bittereinder album is an ambitious and risky leap into the novel unknown. By exploring language as affections and sounds, they’ve refashioned their vibe as art-electro, fundamentally changing their energy and sound to start a new chapter. Sad like leaving high school but necessary in moving forward. With less buzz poetry and party base, it explores the band’s artistic and melodic side.

With worldly intentions and one eye seductively on Holland, it’s an album in the pursuit of blending Afrikaans and English into a slang that needs no interpretation. Technicolor beats accompany a variety of voices, expressions and concerns that roll along complex electro arrangements. It reminds of an experimental and salted Kerkorrel and begs the question, fashionable nonsense or one for the books?


# Title Length
1 Ampersand 3:46
2 Vagevuur 3:39
3 The Ones 4:03
4 Klankanatomie 4:21
5 Taalmeng 3:38
6 Jou Tyd Sal Kom 3:42
7 Doodsberig 3:46
8 Altyd Genoeg 3:24
9 Tribute 4:14
10 Rymtevaarder 1:47
11 Skerm 3:35