2nd Round Knockout

Another one from the Durban trio, Big Nuz! I remembered the time I reviewed their first release, ‘Zozo’ sometime in 2006, their music was sounding ok. Even though their first release didn’t get much publicity, the guys didn’t gave up, instead they teamed up with one of Durban’s music soldier’s on the forefront, Tira and recorded a hot follow up project, ‘2nd Round Knockout’.

‘2nd Round Knockout’ is something that the group should be proud of. From the sleeve design to the sound quality of the songs, everything is on point! It’s exciting to see Big Nuz fully unleashing their musical dragons and working very hard to perfect their sound. Judging from their previous release, allow me to say that the group has grown musically.

I am not surprised that Tira saw the need to work with Big Nuz, I mean with the talent they have, it didn’t require a genius to notice their bright future. Tira and his team are honestly making noise through-out the country so that every SA urban music supporter can get to know what the trio is capable of.

Like any DKM release, Big Nuz brings heavy house beats mixed with the kind of kwaito flow to sing along to. Climbing the ladder, even though it is taking a little longer for the group to get known, there is one, two or three songs on their project that you might have heard blasting on radio, TV or at an event. Some of the songs that are really cracking are, ‘Ubala’, ‘Ugesi’ and ‘Uyoyisholo wena’.

I personally think for any up and coming artist, there are one or two things that you can learn from Big Nuz’s musical journey thus far. From their humble beginnings, the guys released their first project and even though the album didn’t get much in return, the guys didn’t give up. They continued linking themselves with those who could assist them, regardless of the how long it took, and two years down the line, Tira gave them a killer platform.

One thing for sure, Durban guys have locked their market, capitalized on it and continue to give the fans what they want! Nice one Big Nuz and your executive producer, Tira… What is happening lately is nothing short of a kwaito revolution.


Title Length
Ubala 3:19