Monster (Prod. by Essence)


Yours Sincerely (2018)

I'm Back In The Game Yeah
People They Go Crazy
I'm Rapping Under Siege
Look At My Face Now
Versace Visage__
Owh Damn What The Fuck

Rappers They Tripping I Fuck'em Off
Hoese And Bitches I Fuck'em Off
Owh Lord Forgive Yeah
Tripping Monster
Don't Give A Shame _Aye
Don't Give A Damn _Aye
Everybody Gonna Tell What To Do But
I'm Doing It My On Way _Aye
Don't Taste Me Don't Trust Me Don't Trace Me
Don't Love Me _Damn What The Fuck

My Life Is Damn Like A Movie
I'm A Monster I'm A Psycho
Pay Respect I'm Serving Thee Food
Y'all Rappers Better Eat My Ish
Bon Appetite Enjoy My Ish
Hold Your Bitch She's Crushing On Me
Before I Hit Her Once Or Twice Or Many Times


Monster x8

Are You Winning Or You're Losing ?/x2
Are Are You Jocking Or Choking ?/x2

Verse 2

Start It And Start It I Started Cool
Chilling At The Jungle Is Kinda Cool
Full Me Up Never Chase The Pass
Looking Hunky Mayday Lookheed_Damn!

Put It And Put It I Put The Sauce
Blow It Up Catch Me On High
They Got It They Got They Making Me Nervous
They Put It In The Jar They Never Gonna Win
They Never Gonna Last
I'll Always Gonna Win
I'll Always Gonna Rule
I'm Always At The Top
Life Is Too Good

Baby Is In The Pool Daddy Is Playing Pool
Eating Some Cheese Chilling With O-teese
Where You Got The Cheese_?
Said The So Cheesy
I Ain't Playing Games I'm Living Chess
Talking Some Sense Chiliing With Essence
I'm Smelling Fresh_

Mama Gonna Love It Too
Daddy Gonna Yell To This
Lil Sis Gonna Yell To This
Big Sis Gonna Scream To This

I Know You Hating On Me
I Can't Respect Your Name
I Won't Bow For You
I Don't Give A Fuck_!!


Monster x8

Are You Winning Or You're Losing x2
Are You Jocking Or Choking x2