Life Goes On

Life Goes On (Prod. by Antonio Chrissy)

Antonio Chrissy ft Raylyfe

Confidential (2018)

like father like son,like mother like daughter, Ai,Yo..Black Kat I like this one, all ma-friends now all they look is mouth because of the crime the crowds ,please men leave it ,leave the crime, leave the crime cause is nothing, an ther is nothing you can do because of crime,Life Is Going On,i need the holy spirit, I need the holy spirit, Life is going on..


"Life is going on, is going on, ×3.Eii life is going on. Life is going on, is going on..×3 ..Life is going on an is going on, is going on, ×2.Yea, going on..


Anybody look at me like am nothing, yea life goes on, everybody look at me like am nobody tryna take me down but the can't do that cause am the best in the beasties, am the best in this world bra, life goes on, I like this was life goes like that,No,i need the holy spirit bless me an Boblly,sometimes Nigga need,?sometimes Nigga need,? The holy spirit, sometimes Nigga need the holy spirit GOD bless, I need the holy spirit,I need the holy spirit, Holy spirit,


Baba,babo ngixolele,×9

Yea brother life goes on ,people die everytime yo understand me, yea.. Men..for the real mother-fuckerz,for the real mother-fuckerz right here,crime boy,crime.. Get E'm black.. You berra tell em boi,Yo berra tell those mother-fuckerz to stay away from you,you understand me, yea..yo gotta do click, understand me so everybody gotta disappear...Don't forget...