“This album for me is very honest. I am a story teller, so I set out to write songs about how I felt, write songs about my stories and letting people in. It is storytelling, people will relate to what is genuine.”

According to Amanda, the 14 track album encapsulates everyday stories where one can choose how to relate to it.

“The album is about a journey. There are songs in there about me losing and finding myself, my knowing who I am and thriving, songs about heartbreak, love, being happy and comfortable in my skin; and all these are my stories. They are honest”...


# Title Length
1 Amazulu 4:13
2 Kahle 3:31
5 Mna Nawe 3:49
7 Sinazo 4:42
8 Lila 3:58
9 Buyela Kum 5:06
12 Msizeni 3:30
13 Seperate 3:15

Album Reviews


An african masterpiece ... thats all i got to say.