[Verse 1]
I heard someone saying why are we here and what are we wearing
You were way too young to be caught caring when they were staring
Listening to people yelling orders
Keep them off my borders
Separate your waters

Hot head let’s cool down and write a story a lot less gory
You’ve been telling me how in Montessori you weren’t boring
Why are we wishing we were smaller
Wishing we were taller
The water’s getting warmer

Calm me down
When you predict that I’m the one
Gotta get your head screwed on
Have you forgot we’re having fun

I’ve had a little bit too much of her
Feeling like a lover
Never gonna be another
Meet me at the bungalow
Don’t tell everyone you know
You’ve been acting so strange
Since you reached a certain age

[Verse 2]
I spell i in team when I feel cheated and then needed
Why are we here and now
If you’re just thinking where and how
Let’s stop acting like we all know
What comes after tomorrow
I’ll find out when we all go

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Because right now is never the good old days
But one day I’m sure we’ll think they were


[Bridge 1 (x2)]
And I miss summer nights
When we had fun and you were nice
In our house all alone
Wherever you were we were home

[Bridge 2]
Hello there Dear Nicholas
I’ve hated you since our first kiss
You’ll never understand I just did it ‘cause I can
You’ll never be my baby love
You’ll be the one who had enough
You’ve taken love to be so serious
I find it quite hilarious

[Chorus (x2)]

[Bridge 1 (x2)]