Experience the Al Bairre Show With Al Bairre Experience

The LPs opening track, “Hi”, is an instrumental track showcasing the talents of each of the band members. It is pleasant listening, and the cello is sublime, though the track is unfortunately only 54 seconds long.
This is followed by “Julia”, which should be familiar to anyone who has been to an Al Bairre live show. This song will get the phrase “we’re so sad and we’re so sorry, generation melancholy” stuck in your head without fail, and you may find yourself whistling the jaunty tune unconsciously. However, the mastering on this track leaves band members Julia and Tessa Johnson’s voices overpowered by the instruments.

“Let’s fall in love some more” is a light-hearted, fast paced song.The lyrics are very difficult to make out, as you can only discern about every other lyric, leading to a somewhat disjointed understanding of the song.
The band’s familiar hit “Bungalow” starts out very bouncy, before smoothing out, but keeping its upbeat tone. The lyrics are clearer than in the previous track, and at 01:50, the twins have a masterful duet where they alternate words. The band has even placed a video on YouTube showing how the twins achieved this.

“Right here in July” is a dance-‘til-you-drop song right from the onset and it takes superhuman effort to keep your feet still when listening to it. The merry tone of the keyboard and drums cannot be ignored, and is sure to go straight to many peoples’ dancing playlists.

“We move on” may be Al Bairre’s most recognisable track, thanks to the unique vocal talents of the twins, and this song also showcases their other musical talents, with slower sections allowing them to play their instruments.
“Tunnels” is a somewhat slower song compared to the rest of the album, fitting more into the rock genre than the rest of their music. It’s a lovely change of pace, and combined with elements of their other work it is the highlight of the album.
“Where do we go from here” is a zestful, yet dreamy track, with deep lyrics such as, “But in the human race, somebody else already won, nothing ever really happens, you get old and then you’re done.” This track serves as an impactful way to close the album, and an incentive to hit that replay button.


# Title Length
2 Julia 2:51
3 Let's Fall in Love Some More 3:18
4 Bungalow 2:48
6 We Move On 2:51
7 Tunnels 3:14
8 Where Do We Go from Here 3:40