We Move On

Run run run run run until you're done
Just turned 19, you've had your fun
There's so much in this world that looks like me
Who the hell am I now meant to be
Buy it, buy it, everyone's got one
I'm so excited, I'm going to look so dumb
And I could learn to walk and talk like you
Or I could learn to try something brand new

I'm so tired of being who I am
You stole my heart, I just didn't understand
That when you don't say much, well, you really say it all
You don't like me and I don't like you at all
And I won't give in as it starts again
It's all a game, I just wanna win and you change your mind
Well, change is fine, we all move on, we all move on

Now I'm so cold
Lovers in autumn was only a story I'm told
When John died out in the garden all I could think of was you and your love
And your love, and your love, and your love

We move on, on
We move on, on