Morning After

‘Morning after’ is the fourth studio full-length album to be released by aKING. It’s a return to the hard-hitting heavy rock riffs of their first album combined with a simplified approach to arrangement and lyrical content. Ranging from loud and raunchy guitar driven rock to upbeat chorus-laden pop and a down-tempo introspective ballad.

This time around they worked with a range of engineers and producers, each chosen specifically for their area of expertise. Brendyn Rossouw commanded almost all of the drum recordings at his Heritage Sound studio, Fred Den Hartog contributed to arrangement and additional recordings, Theo Crous added the distinctively heavy Bellville Studios rock sound and Jürgen Von Wechmar pulled all of these strands together masterfully in the mix of the album.

‘Morning After’ was written over the course of 18 months in the living rooms and bedrooms of the band members and is entirely self produced."


# Title Length
1 Prey To the Birds 3:40
2 Mother 3:37
3 Follow 4:15
4 Way You Move 3:35
5 Far & Wide 3:46
6 Man Unkind 3:55
7 One Hit Wonder 3:47
8 New Start 4:12
9 All Over 4:17
10 N.Y.B 3:59
11 Time 3:00
12 In Loving Memory 3:22
13 Worth the Wait (iTunes Exclusive) 3:54