Thirsty for Love

I have to cover my tracks
There's a siren's song singing up my neck
Never had much to offer
Still have stones to cast at the turning backs
The angels laugh
At this bastard chasing his better half
My heart's in my lap
Have I murdered my time?
Can't stop running now
The road is long and lonesome
I've got to keep my head down
When I get thirsty for love
A love that swallows my tongue
And wakes me slow
Never ready to go after the night has sung
Have I been here before?
Bite my fingers to the bone
Slowly ran myself into the ground
A juvenile delinquent's throne
Never thought I'd be a King
No turning around
Ate the last bread crumbs two hours ago
I'll sleep walk for now
To a place where I know
Can't stop walking now
The road is hard and lonesome
Can't help to keep my head down
I am thirsty for love
So thirsty for love