My Last Words

Settle down, don't fight don't cry
People tend to turn a blind eye
We don't want to see a murder committed here tonight

With steel to my side I felt like a child
I will do anything you ask
Anything that you desire
You keep my life in your hands

The omens are always there
I've become numb to their
Constant warning sings
This miserable day-in day-out
Everyone belongs to everyone else

My last words will fall on death's ears
This rotten air I breathe
My nerves are like crystal to me
It is clear

The crime that we share
The initiation to celebrate despair
My contribution to statistics
A cracking venear

The traumatic exceptance of my mortality
Although my existence doesn't mean that much to me
All of my acquaintances will be missed
But I think of the ones that I hold dear
The one's I've been blessed with

Have you found what you been looking for?
So can we please just get on with it?
It's funny how it's gotten down to this
So what can we do?