Decomposing Lullaby

Bad wind breathing in the streets tonight
A gunshot rhythm to a decomposing lullaby
I rest my head on the bosom of restless nights
Death is dining at our table
We feast on our nails
There's a bullet with my name on
Waiting to exhale inside of me
There's not alot of sympathy
With the life I'm leading
If only I could begin again
But I'm not surprised it's the end

I feel helpless
I can't help it if I don't need a lullaby
We need a miracle
If this is where our hearts lie
Where is our home?
I rest my head on the bosom of little faith

Still we keep hanging on for a saint
Barking serenade of panic
The moon is wailing
Quench your thirst my son
Make sure you lick the knife clean
Inside of me my life will be an offering
To those that I have failed
There's a bottle with my name on
And I'm waiting to inhale

I rest my head on the bosom of restless highs
I rest my head on broken promises