Dutch Courage

Dutch Courage makes it clear that aKING will not be building their music career on ‘image’, shock value or controversial lyrics. For these guys it’s all about the music. The question is: will that be enough to sell records and become icons in this day and age? Let’s face it; half of Fokof’s fame came from milking that controversial Afrikaner atheist rock boy tip.


# Title Length
1 Decomposing Lullaby 3:38
2 Holy Train 3:37
3 The Dance 3:20
4 Thirsty for Love 3:14
5 Guilty As Sin 3:32
6 My Last Words 3:15
7 Lonely Hands 3:11
8 I Believe 3:15
9 Safe As Houses 3:27
10 Once I Arrive 3:18
11 Shine Your Light 1:29