Alter Ego

All of the skits. For what?
Snakes and Ladders: The beat is good. Smart sampling as well. If you listen carefully you will hear “Come down… Come up”… but the rest is boring.
Big 5: Also a sampled beat and yet again the beat is the only thing worth paying attention to. He could have left it on the EP but all the guys calling themselves “hustlers” will relate and enjoy it.
Mistakes: The story telling type of lyricism AKA uses stands out in this track and thankfully so. His flow takes you to your own past mistakes while the beat makes it a track worth putting on repeat.
Victory lap remix: Amu, HHP and Tumi go in hard on this beat. The best verses I’ve heard from these artists and it’s still a sick ass beat. “You aint gotta clap for a legend”
Reign: This features Buffalo Soulja and is one of the only unreleased track that will have your head bopping and rapping along. The flow Aka has with the realest lyrics on a sick ass beat work well with Buffalo Soulja’s rasta-like hook.
The tracks that are worth going crazy about have already been released which make the rest of the album extremely average. True to a hip hop album, a lot of the tracks are deep but nothing that’s going to be a classic.
A lot was expected from the album but all it gave was good production and a flow for the industry that is not “motswako”. Let’s hope he can give us classics with the next album because he has the potential.
RATING:– It’s a good album but it’s boring.


# Title Length
3 Victory Lap 3:49
5 I Want It All 4:08
6 All I Know 4:24
18 Victory Lap Remix 6:30