[Chorus : AKA]
She got me feeling like the baddest
Motherfucker on the planet (Ooh yeah!)
Strike a pose for the cameras, Aah!
'Cause we stadium status
And we the baddest team (Oh! Oh!)
We the baddest team (Ah yeah)
And we the baddest team (Oh! Oh!)
We the baddest team oh!

[Verse 1: AKA]
Tell me will you be there? Tell me will you be there?
Club going up kings of the weekend
Solid gold chain over silk V-neck
First you get the money then you get the respect
I be with the North god living easy
That's who put the boy on, that's my teammate
Bought a sports car and some real estate
Now them niggas stand when they see me

[Verse 2: Yanga]
Ah, shapa twalatsa my baby
As'khathal' si'cover ama' K
As'xaban' sibamba ma bae
Ya'll still can't keep up with my pace
Au'simthebel' can't keep us down
And I wish you were there mas'khipakala
My clique getting head, mas'fika akulalw'
One chick in the bed, 5 skipas' love
I got more, but you wouldn't want the truth
You headed to the top floor, I'm chilling on the roof
Henny to the Goose from the kitchen to the booth
Heavy with the youth, war ready with the proof
I don't want them all, I just want a bad billa
You never take calls nou di laas bang'bella
Took her to the mall kanti uzand'phaphela
Bang'hleba mang'ngena, I reply with Mandelas, mamela

[Chorus: Burna Boy]

[Verse 3: AKA]
My outfit on some "This ain't out yet"
Money talks, it's a public service announcement
Everyone know who the baddest in the south is
So I put my gold status where my mouth is
Do you what it feel like, to get to the pinnacle
Beverly Hills life, let's dip in the swimming pool
We getting physical, let's fuck in the living room
I'm in my element and you got the minerals, it's critical
Every rap king need a theme song
Every trap queen need a king kong
Put you on the team, put the ring on
Long live Supa Mega, live long
Mabebeza you the missing piece of my jigsaw
Champagne bottle stained with your lip gloss
Weekend get-away to the vic-falls
I'm a big star, run the game, Chris Paul

[Chorus: AKA]

[Verse 4: Khuli Chana]
And we are better than, tougher than ever before
So easy to love, it's so harder to let go
Bare "Why o sa mo nyale?" man I gotta stay on the road
Gotta get this money tree in the backyard for us to grow
Big picture thinker, ducking paparazzi
Staying out of Shwashwi scriptures
She's a praying mosadi ga satane a nteka
Momma told me it'll be cheaper to keep her
I made her mama Lefika
That's my bundle of boitumelo
Walking taller than super model, stiletto
My heart singing in that Dana's falsetto
High as the polo lights in the ghetto
How she get when I'm in the middle
How she swallow what's on the menu?
Barking maar ha a na meno
Ncwanya ngwanyana eno
Stocking, stocking, stalking an instrumental
Bumping, tswakin', fucking it up a little

[Chorus: Burna Boy]