When Kiernan Forbes linked up with his fellow schoolmates to form a group called Entity, little did he know what was in store for him. KORA Award nominations along with setting the hip-hop music video landscape ablaze were testament to the sense of innovation that were part of his genetic makeup. Entity went on to establish their credibility with their smash hit “Touch N Go” and A.K.A’s stock was increasingly on the rise, featuring on material from artists such as Loyiso Bala.

Unfortunately due to the journey that is life, Entity were forced apart by the various new roads each member wanted to venture alone. A.K.A’s path remained en route towards musical superstardom. He linked up with his musical mates, Buks and Kamza to form a production collective known as The I.V. League. His passion for production kept him active in music, albeit behind-the-scenes.

Whilst in the shadows producing the majority of PROKID’s Dankie San and other records with The League, he’s been taking the time out to craft his solo offering. His influences, ranging from the acoustic to the electric, are well represented in the music that’s slowly piecing together his album. With the entire soundtrack to his thoughts and views being woven by The I.V. League, A.K.A is looking to be honest yet engaging, something he’s been able to do as time is on his side. His experiences as a young musician chasing the dream are vividly retold over beds of beastly beats. The thread of innovation that he’s accustomed himself to is apparent as he moves away from conventional stories that have been retold over and over again. Rather he opts for experiences that would be deemed too “honest” for an MC to speak of. He’s candid. He’s well aware of the risk he’s taking but thrives on it. Refreshing, especially considering the current climate of clones and unoriginality.

He’s starting off 2010 on the highest note possible. Having collected all the hits from 2009, supplemented with more incredible music that was initially meant to appear on his upcoming debut album, he’s gone on to offer the 24/7/366 EP as a substantial appetizer for those who see his promise plus any doubters posted in the bleachers. Serving as a strong signal of intent plus a palette of musical colour, it goes to show that technically and creatively AKA is a force to reckon with. Facebook and Twitter remain abuzz with fans exchanging quips on their favourite lines and concepts that have been woven so well together, you would think he’s the most Bespoke of tailors.

With songs such as “Mistakes” and “Do It” (which achieved #1 status on 5FM’s Top 40) already on the lips and minds of the urban massive and an EP filled to the brim with quality material, he’s steadily building up the clout an artist of his potential deserves. Knowing it’d be to his detriment to leave this potential unrealized, he continues to push boundaries – including his own and those of the musical realm.