The Promise Land

Went back to my mama house
Coz the food she cook amazing
Said you losing weight
Told her that I'm running game yeah
Bought a new crib
Soon as I saw the bank statement
This shit too crazy, I'm everyone's favourite
Ok now we made it
Ok now we made it
Roll one with my niggas then I scream out load
We made it
Ok now we made it
Look at that, we made it
Roll one with my niggas then I scream out load
We made it
Lemme take you, take you back, when I was still in fourth grade
Started rapping then, I was ripping out pages
Looking for the perfect words for the right phrases
Never thought the shit would get a youngin this paid
Let alone all this fame
I was just inspired by the shit that Jody played
I'm talking 50 cent, talking shady, talking Jay
This the shit I used to sing along to everyday
This shit ain't never been the same
Like the day I heard Jody spit a verse, I was amazed
Lord knows I relate, I just wanted to be great
Bet you didn't know I said this on my first tape
Here I am again, like ain't a damn thing changed
Fast forward eighth grade
To the first time rapping for a crowd on stage
Right about the same time, I hit the studio wave
Back in 2013
Far from being drake but look how far this nigga came
Got a long way to go
Not a gimmick, I'm a goat
I'm a work in progress and the work is there to show
I made you a promise, more of me he hit the note
For me to you and only you, you better listen close