To The Top Please

Thank you, thank you
I'd never thought I'd win a Grammy ever in my life
I'd like to thank God
My momma
My niggas

God gave me a gift and nothing was the same when it got unwrapped
Been dropping annually for five years my idols know that
And every time I drop I make a comeback
Barely tired I could never run flat
Driven for it as they claim to run that
Grateful that my momma let her son rap
Momma look up your boy is where the sun at
Now the family can get a sun tan and yes we are
Shining brighter than the sun can
I tell the cash get over here, it's like I'm scorpion on Mortal Kombat
If it ain't bout the cash then I won't call back
Counting all this cash got me fronting like I know math
Still fearing no man, these verses gotta murder then a bloodbath They came here first, I'm going out last
Went from being told I won't last 'cause I'm an outcast
To be hit up under pressure just to make a collab
They hate me but they hated Jesus everybody knows that
Nobody's holding me back
They throwing stones at the gang, they mad we blowing up fast
Move at our own pace, ain't worry about what everyone has
Taking time to polish up the qualities that we have
Hope you aware that us coming together is a part of the plan
Five classics and a bag, now thats a literal slap
Ain't no tellin' whats gonna happen now that Sway followed back