[Verse 1]
Deaf to what ain't real
And long live the legends
Makes you a liar if you know the truth
But never tell it
Straight up vendetta
Seeking truce is just outta the question
Don't listen when they speak
One day they'll say that never said it
I still remember how is it that you always forget it
When we meet in person
Standing firm for you just isn't working
I turn into a polygraph whenever we conversing
I studied you and I nailed it
You barely scratched the surface
This game is different dog,
it's run by politicians
You could be the next investment kid
Be careful who you mention
Don't get exited
Most of us here making money
You choose you wanna show it
Man we'd rather have 'em wondering
Bet you now they think we bluffing
We treat that like it's nothing
I pray my niggas don't start pillow-talking true discussions
Look at these girls we're fucking
Ain't no telling if they're sane
Every time you tell a story
Ain't no telling where it went
Fuck going out or even calling over visitors
'Cause just as they arrive you realise
That they just want some pictures
And that's the shit these niggas show these bithces for some pussy
I hid the third eye with my cap nigga
I'm always looking

It's so concerning man cause...
I can count all the real niggas using my fingers
That's it

[Verse 2]
San Martino beach clubs
Smoking on LA confidential
Every moment is monumental
Hair in a cut
I got niggas who's down to ride like tyres
That's continental
Me and my dogs are nothing short of special
You can only get through me if they let you
No capping down but without a doubt
Man these boys got street credentials
All that noise I hear are rats speaking
And where there's rats there's snakes
My third eye is peeping
I don't trust them
They gave me a reason
They low key scared of me and I know they can see that
Everything in life just has a deeper meaning
Seeing is believing
Swear to God I've seen it
And that explains why I struggle sleeping
Anything can go missing
And then that's when they go missing
Deny that they did it,
It's a different way of living
And I'm not familiar with it