Don't Bother

Don't Bother (Prod. by MashBeatz)


A-Reece Singles


I'm hearing voices they getting louder
They like don't even mind it, don't even bother
You took long enough to get to this conclusion
Okay, cool, you like her
But don't show it, it's confusing and it's...
Becoming useless, could have used this opportunity
When it presented itself at the video shoot nigga
Not to mention that you actually did 2 with her
You should have let her know how you feel
Wasn't it real or you realising now that it is, oh really
Look man, in plain sight you couldn't read all of of the signs
Not even once, for several times
Like that one time in Durban she made you certain that she's curving niggas
I'm glad you don't have a song where she a strong one
Dedicated, a firm believer of God man
Regardless of the fact her grandfather is an archbishop
Look man I got you figured all out
I'm your conscience
I know what you about
You keep it bottled in, never spill out
Procrastinate, find an excuse and then delay
It always happens this way
Take Cassper's words from the other day, remember
Yeah that day when yall did Club 808
When you say the fact
Know what, forget it
It's too late right now
She's all the way out in the States right now
You had a chance to spend more time with her before she left
Missed her call, high in studio with Flame and Ex
I guess you never know what you got until its gone
Oh in this scenario you never know what you could've had
If only you gave all that you had
And maybe more

Yours Sincerely
Baby Boy