Things aren't going as I planned, this is not what I envisioned
I keep falling but I never land, how do you pick yourself up with no support system
Everytime I try to write but I choke
I used to be motivated by every rhyme that I wrote
And every friend that I spoke to, I'd rather leave a note
How do I face them, man I can't even take a joke, shit

I keep running from my own problems
Almost took a pill but then again, I know it won't solve 'em
Who do I talk to? Not even my own mother
I don't wanna bother her, she got her own to deal with
Anxiety, plus I got a soul to deal with
You would think that I'm okay but I'm not the type to be with

A lot is happening, you lucky if you make it out
"Imma give you one more chance, you better make it count"
That's what God said, you would think I'm God sent
Everytime I wake, I feel the pressure on my chest

It's just a lot to comprehend, at this point I just need somebody who can give a hand
I can't seem to fight my problems myself but I don't wanna be the one that keeps crying out for help
So I'm just gonna crawl back in my hole and say fuck the world and everybody, leave me alone