[Verse 1]
Ding dong
Ding dong
Let it ring on em
I can sample you and I can let it sing on you
Call me out and bet I still make it ring on you
It's about time that I make this shit known

I've been a certified rapper, a certified spitter
I don't know nobody better, don't know nobody iller
All the drama that I've been through, it could've made me bitter
But I'm blessed ten fold and still on my ten toes

Racks, I stack those
Everything is black owned
If it's me or I'm involved, on every chip I bet on
That's a victory lap
I'm never missing a step
Or skip a beat, stay on my feet, I'm undefeated

Rappers taking bribes, still sniffing lines
Every time that I spit a rhyme, it's an exercise
Now I expedite every move, I'm filling every shoe
Taking it back to basics, oh they just mad that I made it that's right

[Verse 2]
I-I-I finess everything, check the scoreboard
Rappers stay behind me every season, moving slow more
I need about a 150M then I can kick back
Relax, killed the whole game that was nothing but a reflex

Detach, y'all are getting too clingy
No drink, no smoke, I don't need that shit near me
They like why fam, nah fam, fuck that shit, you high fam
I don't need nothing but air down in my diaphragm

Yeah, this is prolly all I live for
Rappers think they ill so I guess they need a sick note
Cock back, reload, make that shit go premo
Made a living making music, I'm living the dream bro

Yeah, everything I have was meant for me, this is what I call destiny
Made it here cause I prayed for it and that's right
Everything here is so heavenly, I need peace and not jealousy and right there is the recipe and that's right