Love Don’t Stop

Time passes by for more than a lifetime,
I wanna be yours girl I.. would give up my life to spend just one night with you cuz my love don’t stop I can’t lie, you bring out the best in me I gotta be yours girl I will give up my life, there’s nothing that I won’t do cuz my life don’t stop


She keeps me on my toes, she got it and Im froze love when she hit that pose, the one I love the most, the chemistry just grows, the longer that we link, she got me ducking hoes, I’m like a better me, and I could never leave, the finest one around, love when I give you kisses (moans) and you make them sounds, girl we can go for rounds, and you can stay the night, shit plus I brought some gas, so we can catch a vibe, tell me what’s on your mind, relax we can unwind, let me inside your life, your spirit will suffice, ain’t nothing more I like, than being in your world love when you twist & twirl, showin off all your curves, these lames got it the worst, they suffering from thirst, on Instagram they lurk, wishin they had you first.. but I don’t ever trip, cuz it’s just you and I, sometimes these moments slip, don’t wanna lose no time cuz


And shorty picture perfect, she make the bullshit worth it, she make a incel nervous, just by the way she twerk it, she’ll have yo pockets hurtin, just with her love for Birkin, expensive taste for certain, she luv that bottle service, shorty will have you workin, give me a sense of purpose, so wavy got me surfin the finest on this surface, the girl was somethin different, ain’t nothing like these women, independent how she living, and she ain’t never trippin


Shorty respects the pimpin, it’s like there’s never conflict, shes somethin to get lost in, fixated on her profit, she after them deposits, no phone calls to the office, paid her own way through college, ain’t hard to tell she’s got it, you just can’t grasp the concept we take off in that rocket, allergic to the losses, just shit that you can’t process.....

But baby tell me everything you like we can bump that Craig David while I’m layin down the pipe ITE