Shooter Flow

Shooter Flow (Prod. by 21 Shots)

21 Shots

I Wish I Knew (2019)


[Verse 1]
I get where this is goin'
I gotta enjoy the moment
Niggas always plotting on me
They gone have to keep it goin'
On the lam with your bitch bro
In the lamb with a rich hoe
Camera flash,I took a pic bro
Shooter Flow,Shooter flow (wait bang!)
I can't go outside
Them niggas gone take my life
I can't brag with mines
Them niggas gone jack my style
I ordered pizza this morning
And that shit came in a money truck
I bought a piece this morning
And that shit came with a round in it (pow)

Movin' slowly,
Like a fuckin' shooter
Flowin' slowly
I'm a fuckin' shooter

[Verse 2]
I'm bouta overdose
I can't take it anymore
The bullet is a rose
I keep shooting like it's not
I got a brick last night
The money coming like a snail
I had a gig last night
The money slow nigga damn
The money comin' at a slow pace
I might have to say I'm bankrupt
My nigga pull up with a briefcase
We gone get a fucking bank robbed
Nigga put your fucking hands up
This a shooter,not a damn cop
I'm point it at your third eye
Shoot a nigga in his forehead
All I know is to get head
Fuck a bitch if she don't suck
Shooter Flow