Morning Star

Have you ever made a wish
Morning Star, Morning Star

They really thought I wasn't
Gonna be a.. (Star)
They were hatin'
They were dissin' from afar
I couldn't sleep I had a lion in my heart
But is wasn't all in vein so here we are

But be careful what you wish for
Where were all these people?
When you was all alone
Just make sure they all down for you
And they really finna ride for you
Until the day you gone

I think we doing good
We doing alright

But you know what happens nigga
Keep your circle tight
Last time you was trippin' 'bout a bitch

You know she did me wrong
And it hurt for real

Okay cool...
Lately you don' really work enough

I been chillin' with my girl
And I gotta show her love

Nigga why you all up in your fucking feelings?
One day you gotta look back and say you did it

Lately I've been chasing things that don' have a price tag
Get my mind right
I'm just tryna be a man
I'm getting sick and tired of you talking 'bout some cash
This is real shit that you'd never understand

All that I understand...
Is I gotta get paid, get what's mine
Make more hits and then rewind
Just do that, we'll be fine

But what about momma?
We really losing time
I gotta see her sometimes
Get my mind right

After all these years
You tryna go back now, tryna think straight

I miss my dad, he's in a grave
He passed away thinking I was mad at him
There's so many things I wanna tell him

I remember vivid
I was right there
But he never was
So who cares.?

I spend so much time in the studio
Turning knobs, making songs perfect
Fixing up tryna make music perfect
That's why I hate going outside
Ain't no knobs to make life perfect
That don't stop me from trying
I'm an enemy to myself
There's no compression I can put on my thoughts
I can't put people on the PC or...
Put scenarios and problems on the channel that make them perfect
That's the only life I know
So what do you do when music has taken so much from you?
And you've come way too far to stop now

You see why I say you gotta make your mind right nigga!?

Fuck that!
Fuck rap!
Fuck all you niggas!
Fuck every single nigga that... Ever looked down on me
All these fuckin' bitches that did me wrong
Every single nigga that think I ain't really doing this shit for real nigga
I don' really fear nobody nigga
When it comes to these fuckin' melodies and these beats nigga
Any nigga can get it nigga
I dare any niggardly to step on to me right now, he will get that work nigga
And you.!
(Don't push me) you!
You don' call me??
You tryna get me to think straight niggardly
It's cool, we can be like this dawg
(WTF bro!?)
It's cool, it's what the rap game needs anyway (Is that a gun nigga!?)
So... I'm sorry I gotta do this to you bro (Put that shit away nigga, stop playing)
(Ay, ay, nigga what the fuck) You slowing me down