Morning Star

Morning Star arrives with 9 tracks including his earlier release Too Late. His colleagues such as A-Reece, A-Reece and Kid X also featured on the album.

The title track presents a duality that Zoocci calls a split personality.

“With people I know, I’m very energetic and like ‘I want to take over the world,’ ” says Zoocci. “But I also have a side where I am a reserved introvert. With decision-making, there’s always been a conflict between those two personalities.”

That’s why the track is two of his own voices wrestling with words about how Zoocci should approach his career. The good guy raps: “Lately, I’ve been chasing things that don’t have a price tag.” But that track ends with four gunshots and the good guy is no more.

“When the gun shots go off, the ‘let’s go do everything now’ guy shoots the good, humble, graceful guy.

That’s what the whole EP is about. When you care, you increase the chance of a whole lot of things going wrong and them affecting you, so I’ve learned to go for whatever I want and not let anyone stop me, as opposed to how I used to hold back a lot in the past.”

Zoocci also dropped a documentary which you can watch here.


# Title Length
1 Morning Star 4:30
2 Mr Nice Guy 3:57
3 Nobody 2:51
4 Stamina 4:24
7 All Night Long 4:55