Reaching (Prod. by Flame & Zoocci Coke Dope)

Zoocci Coke Dope & Flame



[Verse 1]
First things come first
Things niggas do for a verse
I'll put you in a hearse
Since a nigga been on his worst
Same niggas wanna talk, the nerve
Why your life moving in reverse
Been there done that got the t-shirt
If you wanna bite this it'll make your teeth hurt
God damn, yeah God damn
I'm never tripping boy I always got a plan
I'm the dope man selling these yams
I could leave and come back and I would still be the man
I ain't gotta try it though
Niggas need their rehearsal off to fuck around with my flow
You ain't gotta lie though
All the shit that you've been doin' I can do it with my eyes closed
Cowards die a thousand times
You telling stories, Sunday Times
I know you pray for my demise
You fake, it's written in your eye

(Yo we got the new funk yeah)
Niggas always wanna reach
(Pull up on you too strong yeah)
Why niggas all wanna reach
(Yo we got the new funk yeah)
Niggas always wanna reach
(Pull up on you too strong yeah)
(Yeah we got a new funk yeah)

[Verse 2]
God damn young Flame, you a problem
Need to pull up on these lames and you got them
Hella heavy for the game, you a goblin
Celebration, you made it from the bottom
Crying hard 'til my throat and teeth hurt
Out here shitting on my techers
Steady puffing on my little green herb
Bitch I'm tryna kill every lil' nerve
1990 boys all about the chain
I'm with all my dogs I don't need a bitch
Got the coupe tatted on my fucking wrist
Got all these niggas in their ficking feels
Super icy but I cannot chill
[?] I don't do no bills
They tryna die here and I'm for real
Project 1 new new still pending
Subtle surprise y'all still ain't ready
I been going hard and I'm outhere fucking dabbing
Eating rappers out I fill my belly
Yeah Oh my what a motherfucking good time
We just pulled up with a new fire
Cannot do it even if you try