For the Level EP

Twisted (Prod. by Dj Maphorisa)

Zingah ft Saudi

For the Level EP (2018)


Don't let 'em live dog
Don't let 'em please talk your shit
Go for that bitch dog
Don't let 'em feast on your jig
You don't know what you in for
You got the info all twisted

[Verse 1: Zingah]
Smoking on endo all season
Let's get to the set
I'mma need at least four more bitches
Phorie on deck
Kly on the beat small-bossing
Fuck up a cheque
Head up a strip club go spend it
Hop on a jet, gone for a week long, four cities
Please pour more liquor
The Lord Of The Jig knows no limits
I kill sons for a living
And I got the cheat codes for a win
I don't believe all your lyrics
'Cause you niggas still got no image
I can hit Maphorisa to send her the Dip Low 4 remix
Now that's a plug
Yeah that's a plug
I'm on the couches when I'm up in the club
Fuckin it up, yeah, fuckin it up
They know that something is up when I come in with bucks
Man you niggas can't fuck with the boss
Let alone fuck with the bars


[Verse 2: Saudi]
(Zingah explaining why Saudi isn't on the song)