Bunnies Jumping

For the Level EP

Bunnies Jumping (Prod. by B1 & Tweezy)

Zingah ft Makwa

For the Level EP (2018)


[Hook: Makwa]
Shorty looking hella chewing Chappies
Be careful of these hoes man
They'll give you herpes
Shorty got me calling lovey dovey
In my house
I want her bungee jumping
In my movies
I'm the one stunting
You see these floosies they be out here fronting
Got the bunnies jumping
Bungee jumping
Got the bunnies jumping
Bungee jumping

[Verse 1: Makwa]
Viewin' my life from a different angle
And I love my son like DJ Khaled
I just throw my hand like I'm balling
I just go ham in the morning
I just pull up in an Uber babe
Asamb so groova uzobuya later
Man I gotta get myself a whip
My life's a movie on a big screen
And I'm moving onto better things
Gone in sixty seconds, Mr Cage
You see my money growing everyday
Mmusi Maimane in a parliament

[Hook: Makwa]

[Verse 2: Zingah]
I got the bunnies jumping
Bungee jumping
If it's in my closet then it's probably jumpman
That means if she come tonight I'm probably fucking
That means I don't talk to niggas unless it's about the money
Pull up in a lime green Chevy Spark
Then I pull up with the lime green, let me spark it
Fucking up this life thing, I got me a nice ting
You can tell she light-skinned in the dark
I've peeped some icy heavy hearts
Don't get me started, no
Don't let me talk
I mean
Don't get me wrong
Just no don't get involved
You know
Be very smart
Just play your part

[Hook: Makwa]

[Bridge: Zingah]
A bunch of bunnies jumping
Bungee jumping
I just wake up, smoke up
And I think of things I never thought of
Got the bunnies jumping
Bungee jumping
I pull up on her and her squad
Let them tell me