Collected Memories

This is the band's debut album released in 2008, written by Greg Carlin. It sounds like something you'll hear from New Order or Joy Division. I'll describe it as a mixture of Indie and electronic. Zebra & Giraffe are one of the few South African bands that sounds like an international band. They surely are talented and going places. The album really offers some great tracks, with a little filler at the end. Songs like The knife and Arm Yourself stands out with great electronic elements and solid vocal work.

With their second album released mid 2010, they are quikly becoming one of the most well known bands out of SA. Check them out if your into bands like 30 Seconds To mars, The Killers, or AFI.


# Title Length
1 The Knife 3:58
2 Black Crow 3;27
3 Arm Yourself 3.13
4 Running Faster 3:30
5 Fight! Fight! Fight! 3:44
6 Leaving Again 3:45
7 Oxymoron 3:52
8 Pariahs 3:11
9 A Long Way Down 4:36
10 Hideaway 5:23