Everyday I've been thinking bout ma damn life
Thinking if am gonna leave or am i gonna die
I've been tryna play this fucken game they call life
Nigga really wanna die in the night time
All these bitches that I see I can not get attached to
All these pussy nigga also wanna get a tattoo
All these lil nigga also wanna get a life too
I've been thinking is this motherfucken life mine
The second that you get the clout then people like you
When you turn your face back, nigga wanna bite you
Everybody acting up, like they really love you
To be honest is this what they fucken call life
Gotta put ma head up, never think bad
I've been sleeping too much on this hate bed
Ma head and ma heart really ache bad
I don't know what am I gonna do next
Mama said to me that son you gonna be a shining star
Always think positive and never think about the bad
Always do what is right and never ever look back
Am still thinking is this motherfucken life mine
Now am sitting on my couch thinking what next
Thinking what the fuck, am I gonna kill ma self
I've been facing lots of hate now I feel alone
When you're alive there's still something that they call hope