David Genaro Remix

[Intro: Dj Speedsta]
Yeah (x2)
It's Dj Speedsta
Shout out to Yung Swiss one time
It's that David Genaro Remix

David Genaro
Gettting Robert de Niro
I think I'm David Genaro
Getting my peso

[Verse 1: Ginger Breadman]
I been dyin' to use this line
I just got my excuse so here it go
I'm tryna give Samkhelo Ndlovu a baby
I'm feelin' like David Genaro
Mafia music fuego
Soundtrack to this movie-like life
I do not fuck with you weirdos
I do not fhck with your vibe
Like like I do no fuck with your whole design
Matter'fact why would you wear those
Last night we fucked up the couches at Kong
Going ham and that's
More shots on my say-so
Kong agents in my ear lobe
That's pretty girls root for the bad guy
Think of...

David Genaro (x4)
(Who you talkin' 'bout?)
David Genaro

[Verse 2: Reason]
My nigga glowin' let the beat go
Let my ego put these suckers on a deepthroat
'Cause the people been lookin for that beast mode
But these weak foes getting wacker by the zero sheesh
I'm tryna be a hero
When the bad guys got it covered like gazebos
Every rap line moving forward(Ford) like a Figo
I'm a mean ghost motherfucker run the c low
And what that means is I can kill any nigga on the rap scene
Make you work on your manners
Don't be a drag queen
Cause when I'm around you like a crack fiend
(You shakin)
And I'm a pig on the beats
So when I'm runnin' the streets I see makin, fakin'
And I ain't asking for glory
I'm here to take it

David Genaro (x4)
(Who you talkin' 'bout?)
David Genaro

[Verse 3: Yung Swiss]
I say shout out to the real tho
But are they even real tho
I know they hating even though they ain't here bro
But I don't give a fuck er'body get a deal tho
Big shout out to Trevor Noah
In a different city tryna get your dough up
I know the feeling homey
I know the feeling
I'ts fucked up like sex on the ceiling
But just do what you gotta do
And build a house on fuck everybody avenue
I came to harvest, they say I grew an attitude
Sometimes I get so I high, I need a parachute
Yeah, it took a while to get this shit done
But when I get pissed
They say I'm the shit, son
You girl gives good brain but she's still dumb
So I got the whole squad in
Fuck a plus one
This shit critical tho
See I'm tryna go diamond in the city of gold
I'm about to make a bang like a kick in a door
Maybe scoop a young flame from her reality show
I mean how did you niggas make it
When all y'all tracks so basic
These niggas still actin' like Senzo
I'm just sayin' man
I'm not Jason
Money make a nikka go wild
Funny how it make a bitch go down
I'm a boss and I ain't talking about Rick Ross
(Who you talkin' 'bout?)
David Genaro
Yeah, Roseville stand up
(Who you talkin' 'bout?)

David Genaro (x4)
(Who you talkin' 'bout?)
David Genaro